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Building Bridges to the Past

Oral history project engages students and builds family and community connections Using a microfilm machine for the first time… Watching a local news broadcast from the mid-nineties about the Blizzard of ’93… Holding an authentic newspaper from 1941… Facetiming across the Pacific Ocean, bridging generations, cultures, and language… Visiting the largest library in Pittsburgh to

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Using Graphic Novels to Open the Gateway for Struggling Readers

The benefits of using graphic novels in the social studies classroom The standards in current education reform movements stress the importance of strengthening students’ content-area literacy skills. This means that social studies teachers must draw on powerful texts. The problem is that many students enter our classrooms lacking an interest in reading. One type of

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Examining the Evidence

Exploring vocabulary terms in social studies with primary sources. The C3 Framework by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) has changed the dynamics of social studies instruction. The emphasis of standards in this document is for teachers to build students’ content-area literacy skills through inquiry-based activities (NCSS, 2013). For social studies, this means

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Throw Out Your History Textbook

A case for primary source analysis. Jay Leno: Debbie, where you from? Debbie: South. South San Francisco. Jay Leno: South San Francisco. OK, and you’re a citizen of the United States? Debbie: I sure am. Jay Leno: Born here? Debbie: Sure was. Jay Leno: What country did we fight in the Revolutionary War? Debbie: [Pause] France. Jay Leno: What does the Emancipation Proclamation mean What

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History Alive: Engaging Students in Cosplaying

Weaving the fun of cosplaying with social studies gives history a life of its own. Every summer, thousands of comic book fans make the trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, for HeroesCon. During this three-day convention, hundreds of fans dress up like Batman, Stormtroopers, Spiderman, Iron Man, taking on the persona of their favorite superheroes. The

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