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AMLE is the only international organization of its kind for middle school educators. With a community more than 35,000 members strong, AMLE is the go-to source for middle level education peer-reviewed research, best practice, and professional development. Explore our content and resources to learn why we are so passionate about young adolescents and get a sense of what’s possible when middle school educators support each other with a shared vision of success.


AMLE is a membership organization dedicated to helping middle

school educators reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools.


Empowering educators who create opportunities to cultivate

the potential and possibilities of young adolescents.



We practice the ethical, inclusive, and courageous behaviors that sustain an open and honest organizational culture.


We are visionary and prepare for the future.


We value human worth, dignity, diverse talents, and varied perspectives.


We seek active partnerships and shared leadership opportunities at the state, national, and international levels.

The Successful Middle School: This We Believe

Our landmark position paper, The Successful Middle School: This We Believe, is recognized as the best articulation of the middle school concept. Since it was first published in 1982, middle school educators have relied on the text to build high-performing school communities using the 5 essential attributes and 18 Characteristics at the core of successful middle schools. The text has grown from a single document into a comprehensive program of tools and resources that educators, schools, and districts can adopt to help ensure student success. Find inspiration and build your own school-wide professional development plan through The Successful Middle School program.

Position Papers

Professional Preparation

The specialized professional preparation of teachers of young adolescents must be a high priority of teacher preparation programs. Take a look at these resources to learn about our standards and reviewing processes for teachers, middle schools, and professional preparation programs.

Research Summaries

Research Summaries are abbreviated reviews of professional literature that inform middle level education policy and practice and provide basic information about the education of young adolescents for parents and community members. The Research Advisory Committee of AMLE is currently seeking submissions.

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