AMLE Schools of Distinction®

AMLE is on a mission to recognize schools committed to continuous improvement and the characteristics of successful middle grades schools

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AMLE Schools of Distinction is both a recognition and continuous improvement program open to any school that educates students aged 10-15. Schools will be celebrated for their commitment to the middle grades best practices outlined in AMLE’s foundational text, The Successful Middle School: This We Believe, while also being guided through a process of self-assessment and strategic vision setting to help foster ongoing growth and success. The program aims to:

  1. Recognize and celebrate schools that are committed to implementing the essential attributes and characteristics of successful middle grades schools.
  2. Provide ALL schools that support young adolescents with the resources to support their continuous improvement journeys.
  3. Create a network of schools that can learn from and support each other.
  4. Highlight for our communities the exceptional work that takes place every day in middle level education.

2022 AMLE Schools of Distinction

Congratulations to the following schools that have been named AMLE’s inaugural Schools of Distinction! While today begins our celebration, check back in August and throughout the school year as we share more about each school and their exemplary practices.

Process and Annual Timeline

Schools of Distinction Process


Year roundSchools complete the required AMLE Successful Middle School Assessment and receive coach’s report.
By February 28Yearly deadline to submit application to be recognized in that calendar year
MarchApplicants are assigned an evaluation team
April – MaySchool evaluations are conducted by the AMLE evaluation team
By June 30Schools are notified of the outcome of their application
AugustSchools submit annual conference presentation proposals, if desired
NovemberSchools are recognized at a special ceremony at the AMLE Annual Conference

Note that because the program emphasizes continuous improvement, schools will need to complete a new assessment and reapply for the distinction every four years.

Map Your Journey

Get started on your journey to becoming a school of distinction! Speak with our Director for Middle Level Programs to map your journey today, or schedule your Successful Middle School Assessment now.

Have you already completed your Successful Middle School Assessment and are ready to become an AMLE School of Distinction? Complete your intent to apply letter so AMLE can provide you with next steps for the application process.