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AMLE is on a mission to recognize schools committed to continuous improvement and the characteristics of successful middle grades schools

AMLE Schools of Distinction is both a recognition and continuous improvement program open to any school that educates students aged 10-15. Schools will be celebrated for their commitment to the middle grades best practices outlined in AMLE’s foundational text, The Successful Middle School: This We Believe, while also being guided through a process of self-assessment and strategic vision setting to help foster ongoing growth and success.

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The Following Schools Have Been Recognized as AMLE Schools of Distinction

Schools are selected as AMLE Schools of Distinction on an annual basis after a rigorous review process. Recognition is awarded on a four-year cycle. Schools must reapply after each cycle to maintain their Schools of Distinction Status and are expected to maintain continuous improvement work throughout their recognition.

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Interested in learning more about innovative and promising practices happening at AMLE Schools of Distinction? Explore our searchable database where you can identify and connect with schools around topics, school structures, school setting, and more.

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Schools of Distinction in Action

A core objective of the Schools of Distinction program is to foster a network of schools that can learn from and support each other. View profiles from each School of Distinction here, or take a deeper dive in the Successful Middle School Mini PD Library to learn more about these and other promising practices and how you can replicate them in your own school.

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Kamehameha Video
A Hawai’ian Appraoch to the Whole Child Concept
At Kamehameha Schools, their Hawai’ian Culture-Based Education approach demonstrates how embracing a school’s local community and culture can ...
A Mindful Middle School
A Mindful Middle School
At Laveen Elementary School, their signature mindfulness program helps students show up as the “best version of themselves” each day. Before and ...
Winston Campus Jr High Video
A Place Where Students Belong and Become
At Winston Campus Jr. High School, students are at the center of the student experiences. Throughout the year, you’ll see a variety of ...
Oceanside Video
A Unique Approach to the Student-Counselor Relationship
At Oceanside Middle School, students meet with their counselor in small groups every six days for Group Guidance where they engage in a ...
A WIN for Students
A WIN for Students
One way Lee County Middle School West strives to meet the needs of students is through its WIN program. WIN stands for What I Need and is a daily ...
Gilbert Video
Alignment throughout the Student Experience
As a school founded on the middle school model, Gilbert Middle School takes middle grades best practice seriously. One way they do that is ...
Courageous Middle School Leadership
Courageous Middle School Leadership
At Ridgeview Charter Middle School, distributed leadership means The instructional leadership team honors and asks for teacher and staff voices ...
Daily, Tiered Advisory Supports Students No Matter their Needs
Daily, Tiered Advisory Supports Students No Matter their Needs
At Douglas Middle School, every day starts with advisory. But it doesn’t stop there. Students who need a tier 2 support for certain skills attend ...
South Orangetown Video
Empowering Students through Student-Centered Structures
At South Orangetown Middle School, the school support team, counseling program, and student voice opportunities ensure student empowerment is ...
Everyone is a Leader at Mattawan Middle
Everyone is a Leader at Mattawan Middle
Everyone is a mentor and mentee at Mattawan Middle School, where a shared vision focuses on what is most important in the lives of their students ...
Mayfield Video
Instead of a Bell Schedule, What if We Gave Teachers Time?
At Mayfield Middle School, teachers are encouraged to “flex” the traditional schedule within interdisciplinary instructional time to have blocks ...
Lend Us an EARR
Lend Us an EARR
Smart’s Mill Middle School focuses on the needs of each individual student in a holistic way, striving to continually listening to students to ...
Brambleton Video
Making a Large School Feel Small
With more than 1,600 students, it’s important to the team at Brambleton Middle School to make each student feel seen and connected to the school ...
Farmwell Station Video
Middle School Students as Community Contributors
As a core value, Farmwell Station Middle School is committed to empowering students to make meaningful contributions to the world. They act on ...
Parents as Partners
Parents as Partners
Lee County Middle School East strives to continually partner with and educate parents with opportunities like quarterly Parent Universities, ...
Rigor without Relationships is Just Mean
Rigor without Relationships is Just Mean
At Seaman Middle School, the importance of relationships is a cultural foundation that extends from the deliberate interactions during both ...
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Upson-Lee Middle School takes team time seriously. Grade levels have 90-minute common planning blocks each day. While content teams meet Monday, ...
The Master Schedule is a Reflection of Values
The Master Schedule is a Reflection of Values
River Bend Middle School Principal Dave Shaffer has prioritized building leadership capacity for the staff of River Bend Middle School. This ...
South View Video
Unit Guides that Develop Independent Learners
At South View Middle School, unit guides help students develop executive functioning skills, demonstrate their learning, and own their learning ...

Become an AMLE School of Distinction

Any school that educates any combination of students aged 10-15 is eligible to apply to become an AMLE School of Distinction. The process of becoming a school of distinction begins with the school completing the Successful Middle School Assessment. Interested schools should review the Schools of Distinction Roadmap and brochure below. When you are ready to start your journey, complete the intent to apply form and an AMLE team member will reach out to help guide you through the process.

Schools of Distinction Brochure

Program Brochure

Interested schools can review the Schools of Distinction brochure to learn more about the program.

Schools of Distinction Roadmap

Program Roadmap

Check out the Roadmap for a step by step guide and timeline to becoming an AMLE School of Distinction.

Schools of Distinction Application

Intent to Apply Form

Ready to start your journey? Complete the intent to apply form and an AMLE team member will reach out to help guide you through the process.

Not sure where you are on your Successful Middle School journey or if you’re ready for Schools of Distinction? Contact Katie Powell, Director for Middle Level Programs, to learn more about the program and how AMLE resources can support your work.

Thank you to our affiliate partners for their support of the Schools of Distinction Program.