AMLE Constituent Committees

We rely on volunteer committee members to guide the work of our association. We would like to extend a special thank you to our current committee members. Check back here throughout the year to learn more about each committee’s work and initiatives.

If you are passionate about middle level education and want to volunteer your time to advance your profession, there’s a role for you. Learn more about all our volunteer opportunities.

Early Career Educators Committee

Heather Stefanski

Joshua Chlebowski
Jeffrey Cicerchi
Jenny Combs
Erica Fox
Frederick Froehlich
Jennifer Griffin
Brandy Lane
Kealohilani Leleo
Mary McConnaha

R. Will Murphy
Steve Norlin-Weaver
Joseph Pizzo
Jenna Plump
Lisa Rutner
Stefanie (Rene) Salyer
Heather Stefanski
Ashley Strausser
Lisa Tripp

Equity in Middle Grades Education Committee

Jen Cort and Julie Powell Equity Co-Chairs

Rachel Adams
Elena Ariza
Amanda Austin
Angelito Balboa
Kelsey Benson
Kathleen Brinegar
Kyle Chadburn
Brenda Chase
Jennifer Ciok
Jen Cort
Jared Cox
Sabrina Crusoe

Paul Dobyns
Millette Edwards
Patrick Griffis
Kelly Higgins
Bill Ivey
Maya Kratzke
Beatrice Lopez
Shenita Mayes
Christina Moran
Julie Powell
Joe Tilley
Jodi Zeis

Principals and Assistant Principals Committee

Renee Price

Alisa Bender
Ashley Bowling
Robert Caplinger
Patrick Carroll
Sharah Clark
Donald Clayton
Erin Cribbs
Martin Da Costa
Sarah Decas
Julie Dellone
John Donecker
Amy Ganaden
Michael Gohde
Mike Hammond
Steve Hauk

Christian Hernandez
Katie Johnson
Mychal Johnson
Russ Kupperstein
Heather Lageman
Kenneth Nance
Mikaela O’Bryan
Mark Orszula
Renee Price
Trishauna Pulos
Lynn Salehi
Olivia Schilke
Lucas Siebenmorgen
April Smith
Cathy Tomon

Teacher Leaders Committee

Megan Vosk

Gail Anderson
Megan Balduf
Rachel Booth
Cait Burnup
Sandy Cameli
Maria Childers
Stefanie Crawford
Jason DeHart
Kristen Engle
Doug Frasher
Miguel Gomez

Roger Jack
Shanie Keelean
Loria McIntyre
Joseph Pizzo
Laurie Rigg
Christine Thielen
Kailey Tritt
Melacyn Turner
Alyssa Tyra
Chad Uyehara
Megan Vosk