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Authenticity, Duplicity, and the Philadelphia 76ers

As a Latin teacher, I struggle with creating authentic learning experiences. Most authentic Roman cultural experiences would get me reprimanded or fired. Authentic Latin literature? I teach beginning Latin to middle school students. Yesterday a student put verb endings on a noun. I am, however, an authentic teacher. If I am to be truly authentic

Finding Calm in the Classroom in the Midst of Chaos

The difficult news stories of last week left students with added stress and anxiety, and while we tried to help them process questions and emotions, we found our own stress and concerns needing attention, as demonstrated in this word cloud from a recent AMLE Roundtable. AMLE is offering a variety of virtual events to help

Four Ways Educators Can Meet Middle Schoolers’ Social Needs During the Pandemic

This article supports the following characteristics from The Successful Middle School: This We Believe: Educators respect and value young adolescents. The school environment is welcoming, inclusive, and affirming to all. Comprehensive counseling and support services meet the needs of young adolescents. A sixth grader felt excluded. His best friend was hanging out with students in the