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Rooted in decades of research, the 5th edition of AMLE’s landmark position paper offers a set of five attributes and eighteen characteristics that define successful middle grades schools.

The text and accompany book study for teams explores a robust framework for creating the learning environments that all young adolescents deserve.

The Successful Middle School Assessment

Driven by research-based exemplars, AMLE’s holistic school assessment helps gauge your implementation of middle grades best practices. Led by an AMLE coach, schools receive a comprehensive report that includes analysis, recommendations, and actionable next steps.

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A recognition and continuous improvement program that is open to any school, anywhere in the world, that educates students aged 10-15. Schools are be supported with AMLE resources and celebrated for their commitment to the best practices outlined in The Successful Middle School: This We Believe.

It’s The Holiday Season, So Whoop-De-Do: Managing the Holiday Madness

It’s The Holiday Season, So Whoop-De-Do: Managing the Holiday Madness

The holiday season is upon us and that can mean madness in our classrooms. Why is that? The truth is, we are often the primary culprit of the chaos. We spend months tirelessly pre-teaching routines and procedures and establishing behavior expectations, only to ease up on them or even abandon them during the holiday season.

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Moving Forward from Book Bans

Moving Forward from Book Bans

As you may have heard, book banning in schools has become a hot-button issue. The American Library Association recorded an unparalleled number of reported book challenges in 2022, with popular middle grades titles like New Kid by Jerry Craft and Maus by Art Spiegelman among those in contention. This issue impacts not just students, but

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AMLE Announces Student Sound Off Contest Finalists

Willow Farquhar selected as winner of the Middle School Student Sound Off For Immediate Release May 2, 2023 What’s it really like being a middle schooler in 2023? Hundreds of students from around the world shared their thoughts on the question, responding to AMLE’s Middle School Sound Off contest held to mark March as Middle

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