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Dr. Lisa Harrison to Receive National Award for Middle Level Education

For Immediate Release September 23, 2021 Columbus, OH – Lisa Harrison, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Ohio University in Athens, OH, is the recipient of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) John H. Lounsbury Award for Distinguished Service in Middle Level Education. The award, the highest honor offered by AMLE, was established to recognize individuals

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Career Pathways in Middle School

To Give Students the Best Shot at Success, Introduce Career Pathways in Middle School

Career Exploration is possible in every school and for every student with the right playbook in hand. The middle school years — for good reason — are often called “the last best chance.” These are pivotal years for youth, as they develop rapidly in their critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills and desire to set

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12 Questions to Ask

Back to school collaboration meet-ups

Join us for a series of 30-minute collaboration meet-ups around a variety of topics, strategies, and ideas perfect for this unique back to school season. August 24-September 30 Learn More

Imagine the Possibilities

The future of virtual conferencing is here, where evidence-based best practice and world-class expertise meet innovative and varied learning formats. November 4 - november 7 Learn More

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Using Middle School Behavior Charts to Provide Clear and Transparent Discipline

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Post-Pandemic Preparation: Reimagining Middle School Partnerships

COVID-19 created unprecedented challenges but also served as a catalyst to rethink important aspects of our schools. One area where I see a big opportunity is to reimage middle school culture. AMLE’s landmark position paper The Successful Middle School: This We Believe highlights the importance of engaging families as valued partners and collaborating with community

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Students write a test exam in a beautiful classroom

Re-Learning and Re-Assessing: Practical Tips

Not everyone is comfortable with re-do’s and re-takes, which are more appropriately recognized as re-learning (or learning properly) and re-assessing. Some of us experience pushback when suggesting these practices to colleagues, then succumb to those pressures thereby denying their use in our classes. As a result, our students don’t learn the required content and skills.

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