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‘I don’t want my child to feel guilty for being white.’

It had taken a bit of back and forth, but I had finally understood the root of the parent’s concern. “My parents raised me to believe everyone is the same no matter the color of their skin. All this talk about race is racist because it highlights differences,” the parent further explained. And I came

Middle Grades Mindset

Getting Back Into the Middle Grades Mindset

Before we start another school year, I have to address something dangerous. Thankfully, it has nothing to do with a pandemic, masks, or bottles of hand-sanitizer. This school-based danger comes in the form of the word “mindset.” Allow me to explain the dangers. First, I have no problem with one part of the word, “mind”–because

Career Exploration Press Release

Association for Middle Level Education, American Student Assistance Launch Digital Playbook for Career Exploration in the Middle Grades

For Immediate Release July 12, 2021 Association for Middle Level Education, American Student Assistance Launch Digital Playbook for Career Exploration in the Middle Grades Columbus, OH — July 12, 2021 — The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) and American Student Assistance (ASA) announced the launch of Career Exploration in the Middle Grades: A Playbook
The Launch Pad

Career Exploration in the Middle Grades Case Study: The Launch Pad: A Career Center Reimagined

Cajon Valley Union School District, El Cajon, California The Cajon Valley Union School District serves a diverse community of 17,000 TK through 12th year students across 28 schools in eastern San Diego County. Since 2017 we have integrated a modern curriculum known as the World of Work™ (WoW), a career development framework grounded in career
Case Study Data

Career Exploration in the Middle Grades Case Study: Leveraging Program Data, and a Student-Centered Approach to Drive Program Success

Taunton Public Schools, Taunton, Massachusetts The Taunton Public Schools STEM and Career Exploration program for middle school learners is in its second year at Friedman and Martin Middle Schools and we will begin implementation at our third school, Parker Middle, next fall. Each student takes the STEM class as part of the arts rotation at
Using Family and Community

Career Exploration in the Middle Grades Case Study: Using Family and Community Engagement to Drive Program Success

STEM Middle Academy, Springfield, Massachusetts STEM Middle Academy is a diverse grade 6–8 school located in a low socioeconomic area. Our career exploration program has greatly improved student engagement and interest in a variety of careers, and increased students’ access to phenomenon-driven activities in science and technology. We also have science inclusion programs for students

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Post-Pandemic Preparation: Reimagining Middle School Partnerships

COVID-19 created unprecedented challenges but also served as a catalyst to rethink important aspects of our schools. One area where I see a big opportunity is to reimage middle school culture. AMLE’s landmark position paper The Successful Middle School: This We Believe highlights the importance of engaging families as valued partners and collaborating with community
Students write a test exam in a beautiful classroom

Re-Learning and Re-Assessing: Practical Tips

Not everyone is comfortable with re-do’s and re-takes, which are more appropriately recognized as re-learning (or learning properly) and re-assessing. Some of us experience pushback when suggesting these practices to colleagues, then succumb to those pressures thereby denying their use in our classes. As a result, our students don’t learn the required content and skills.