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Key to Motivation: Student Agency

Keeping learning relevant and engaging by putting middle school students in charge Note: Student Agency is a HUGE part of middle school identity and success. For this issue’s column, I’ve asked education expert, LeAnn Nickelsen, to join me in presenting the case for elevating its importance in our teaching during the pandemic, and for practical

Moving Students from Passive Consumers to Active Creators

In the 1997 film Good Will Hunting, an arrogant graduate student in economics embarrasses Will Hunting's non-academic friend (Ben Affleck) by pointing out his lack of education and tries to prove his own intellectual superiority by spouting out facts and perspectives he read in a book. Will (Matt Damon), an MIT janitor with a genius IQ,

Contributing by Writing

Writing for education publications is a thrill. It’s synergistic, too. Writing about teaching makes us better teachers, and teaching students makes us better writers. And though we may not realize it at first, many educators are looking for that one a-ha wisdom moment we discovered while teaching the Bill of Rights on Monday. Writing a

Building Empathy

We all know that late-in-the-day feeling—we’ve taught the same lesson in each of four class periods, and there’s still one more to go. In this 5th period, we’re on automatic pilot, relying on mouth muscle memory for each sentence, which rolls into the next one and the next one. Stand here when demonstrating this part,