In Celebration of Dr. John H. Lounsbury

Dr. John H. Lounsbury (1924-2020) was a true friend to the Association for Middle Level Education. One of the founding members of the organization, previously known as National Middle School Association, John was also considered one of the founders of the middle school movement. He was a teacher, mentor, writer, editor, and advocate who was profoundly dedicated to improving the educational experiences of young adolescents. His legend lives on as we are inspired by him to do what’s best for our middle school students. We are honored to share this sampling of work by John.

Foreword from John H. Lounsbury: Middle School Mentor to All

The Importance of Early Adolescence

The Public Schools in American Democracy, 1965 – speech

Middle Grades Educators: Carpe Diem!

Wayside Teaching Revisited

Reflections on Teaching and Learning

The School Is a Teacher—But What Are the Lessons?

Looping—Making a Case for a Best Practice

Assuring the Continued Success of the Middle School

Countering Mother Nature

John H. Lounsbury: Middle School Mentor to All