The Nation’s Largest Civic Education Project

The nation’s oldest, largest, and most successful voter education project

You’re invited to participate in the National Student/Parent Mock Election, the nation’s largest civic education project, and the world’s largest national mock election. And it’s entirely free.

Since 1980, more than 50 million students, and sometimes their parents, have learned what it means to be an American by participating in the National Student/Parent Mock Election.

In 2016, thanks to a partnership with Win My Vote, students from kindergarten to college in all 50 states including Washington D.C. and American schools all around the world will be able to vote on smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, or any other internet enabled device. Votes will be cast for president, senators and governors where there is a race, candidates for Congress from your state, and four national topics. “Democracy, “the Economy”, “Immigration”, and “With Liberty and Justice for All”.

Former Senator Ted Kennedy said, “It will be an experience you will never forget.” Senator Orrin Hatch said, “The National Student/Parent Mock Election is not only the ‘largest voter education project ever’ (TIME), but also the largest violence prevention project ever.”

Sixty national professional organizations, ranging from the American Association of School Administrators to the Association for Middle Level Education to the Council of Great City Schools cooperate with the project.

In the classrooms of today are the presidents, governors, senators, congressmen and women, judges and citizens of tomorrow.

2016 is the first year in which one third of the eligible electorate will be young Americans ages 18-31. There are more adolescents today than the world has ever known. Their choices will determine the fate of our democracy.

Do you remember the history of the Weimar Republic in Germany when the majority of voters sat on their hands and let a small single issues group turn out their voters and empower Adolf Hitler?

Let us not teach our children sit on their hands and lose our democracy by default. “When elections end, there slavery begins,” John Adams warned.

See the Curriculum Guides for school and classroom use.

Practice voting begins October 17 and actual voting begins October 25 and ends November 3.