Partnerships Make Middle School Education the Best It Can Be

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. -Helen Keller

In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of middle school education, partnering with the right people or organizations can be key to success propelling middle school students much further ahead than what is possible when we work alone. Let’s take a closer look at how a few strong partnerships can make a big impact at the middle school level.


The partnership between teachers and students emerges as a pivotal factor in shaping not only the academic journey but also the personal growth of young learners. Middle school students face many changes and challenges, but the right teacher-student partnership can provide a guiding light with offers of support, understanding, and encouragement. Through such a partnership, learning experiences can be enhanced by a positive and nurturing classroom atmosphere where every student feels valued and motivated. Teachers and students, together, can create a space where learning is encouraged and where educators and students can give their best. This paves the way for a fair and inclusive learning environment where success is a collective achievement and where each student feels safe to work towards their unique goals. Thank you for creating an environment for middle school students where they can partner with you for success.

Teacher-Parent, Guardian, Family

Learning partnerships with parents, guardians, or key family members can lead to increased success for tweens and teens as well. As middle level teachers and leaders take the time to learn about each student, insights from those closest to the learner can help adapt instruction, utilize student interests, and even better understand events which have shaped the learner you see in school today. Thank you for taking the time and energy required to fully know your learners and to work with those closest to them.


Teaching partnerships in middle school are extremely valuable as well. Who on your team is happy to support and assist you as needed? Having a trusted colleague down the hall that just “gets you” can make work feel like play which is important in middle-level education. Collaborative efforts between teachers positively impact students and create efficiencies and in depth learning opportunities in the classroom. Building and instructional leaders who partner with teachers to focus on learning can provide a listening ear on a tough day or a strategy yet to be tried. Thank you for your commitment to work together in the best interest of middle school students.


When organizations, such as AMLE and Teaching Channel, work together, we can collaborate, share resources, and innovate for a positive impact significantly enhancing middle level education. For our two organizations, working together makes sense because our missions reflect shared priorities. We’re both by and for teachers, committed to student learning. From there, our core values guide the work we do together turning teacher-student connections into catalysts for both academic achievement and personal development. Take a moment to review the chart below which aligns both organizations’ core values and offers a few free resources based on AMLE Core Values, the five essential attributes of a successful middle school.

AMLE Core ValuesAMLE Core Value DescriptionTeaching Channel Core ValuesTeaching Channel K12 Hub Free Resource
ResponsiveUsing the distinctive nature and identities of young adolescents as the foundation upon which all decisions about school are made.We cultivate a positive culture.Podcast: Teaching Channel Talks Episode 88: Middle School vs Junior High? What’s Changing in Middle Level Education (w/Jack Berckemeyer of AMLE)
ChallengingCultivating high expectations and advancing learning for every member of the school community.We are lifelong learners.Downloadable: Aligning Teaching and Learning with Bloom’s Taxonomy by Betsy Butler
EmpoweringFacilitating environments in which students take responsibility for their own learning and contribute positively to the world around them.We help educators thrive and perform at their best so their students can, too. Lesson Plan: Introduction to Co-Mentoring in the Classroom (5-12) by Julie Kuntz
EquitableProviding socially just learning opportunities and environments for every student.We advance equity in all we do.Blog: 10+ Resources for Teaching about the Holocaust, Anti-Semitism, and Fascism by Susanne Leslie
EngagingFostering a learning atmosphere that is relevant, participatory, and motivating for all learners.We succeed together.Ebook: Technology Essentials for the Classroom by Marcee Harris

Teaching Channel stands ready to partner for the success of AMLE members and middle school students across the country. Take a sneak peek into our video library of 1,700+ exemplar videos showing educators and coaches in action with the Teaching Channel videos in the chart below. Dive into our course catalog with 300+ professional development and graduate-level, continuing education courses for improved practice, license or certificate renewal, or salary advancement. We’ve aligned resources and course recommendations with AMLE’s Core Values below. Use the promo code AMLE$80 to save on course registration or AMLEVIDFIFTY for 55% off a video library subscription.

AMLE Core ValuesTeaching Channel VideosTeacher Course RecommendationsLeader Course Recommendations
ResponsiveUsing Guided Relaxation in the Classroom693: Fully Wired: Understanding and Empowering Adolescents5248: Developing Your Leadership Story
ChallengingThe C.E.R. Strategy—Claims. Evidence. Reasoning.5607: Enhancing Learning through Cognitive Rigor Strategies5238: Practical Strategies for High-Impact Leadership
EmpoweringShining Moments5540: Taking Action with Climate Change Education5587: Empowering Co-Curricular Leaders and Students
EquitablePost-Its: Little Notes for Big Discussion5229: Mental Health Advocacy and Allyship for Students of Color5612: Using the Data Equity Approach in Schools
EngagingFeedback Strategies for Peer Critiques5112: Engagement Strategies for the 21st Century Thinking Classroom5084: Impactful Instructional Coaching: Reflection, Support, Growth

Partnerships can be powerful, and Teaching Channel is proud to partner with AMLE because of the work that teachers and leaders like you do each and every day with middle-level learners. Through Teaching Channel’s own middle school experts, AMLE’s ongoing support, and your commitment to teaching and learning in the middle grades, let’s continue to make middle school education the best it can be, together. 

Keely Keller is Director of Professional Programs @ K12 Coalition. Learn more about online learning with AMLE and Teaching Channel. 


  1. It’s really interesting to read about the impact of partnerships on middle school education. As a future educator, I am eager to foster these collaborative relationships. The article underscores the necessity of a united approach to learning that I intend to embrace wholeheartedly in my professional journey.

  2. I really liked this article as it is so important to strengthen your partnerships between teachers and students, teachers and parents, educators, and organizations. In the article it states, “As middle level teachers and leaders take the time to learn about each student, insights from those closest to the learner can help adapt instruction, utilize student interests, and even better understand events which have shaped the learner you see in school today.” This is the biggest piece I took from this because the relationship between the teacher and the parents are going to learn so much about the students, as well as the trust and support from the parents through these interactions.