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SAFE Schools

A Modern Epistolary Approach to S.A.F.E Schools

Regardless of the educational model, concerns over how to address students’ social-emotional needs and potential learning gaps have taken center stage. How do we meet learning needs and deliver instruction safely for all students, staff, their families, and the larger school community? It is a tall order to prioritize and balance student mental health, wellness, and

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Unified Champion Schools

Unified Classroom: Inclusive SEL Resources for Your Classroom and Your Club

Recently, educators have felt the pressure to close academic gaps. They’ve also felt a need to provide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) due to the extreme social disconnect students have experienced, especially those with an intellectual disability (ID). Even before mandated social distancing, the average loneliness for individuals with ID was 44.74% (source). So, the

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Post-Pandemic Preparation: Reimagining Middle School Partnerships

COVID-19 created unprecedented challenges but also served as a catalyst to rethink important aspects of our schools. One area where I see a big opportunity is to reimage middle school culture. AMLE’s landmark position paper The Successful Middle School: This We Believe highlights the importance of engaging families as valued partners and collaborating with community


Students write a test exam in a beautiful classroom

Re-Learning and Re-Assessing: Practical Tips

Not everyone is comfortable with re-do’s and re-takes, which are more appropriately recognized as re-learning (or learning properly) and re-assessing. Some of us experience pushback when suggesting these practices to colleagues, then succumb to those pressures thereby denying their use in our classes. As a result, our students don’t learn the required content and skills.