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Looking at Executive Function

It was bright orange and boxy. I had used it repeatedly to "catch air," plowing over snow piles at high speed in school parking lots during the winter. Doing these stunts was safe, I reasoned: It was the family sedan, a Volvo, and at 16, I was invincible. Sure, my head spun every hour of

Using Writing to Improve Math Learning

"Writing in mathematics gives me a window into my students' thoughts that I don't normally get when they just compute problems. It shows me their roadblocks, and it also gives me, as a teacher, a roadmap," says Maggie Johnston, a ninth grade mathematics teacher in Denver, Colorado. Some mathematics teachers, like Maggie, use writing to

What Does It Mean?

Promoting divergent thinking with digital storytelling Imagine a photo of the Grand Canyon, jagged peaks under a summer sky. In the foreground, a father holds a round-bellied little girl in a yellow shirt and sandals. Feet dangling, the girl stares at his collar, while he looks past her, eyes fixed on the horizon. When you

Controversy in the ELA Classroom

Healthy discussion and debate can help students navigate uncomfortable moral and social concerns Perhaps one of the most tenuous places to find yourself in as an educator is the moment a topic is broached in class that has multiple perspectives—particularly when students have an unexpected stance on the issue. Even so, some conversations have to

Educating Students to be Critical of Violent Media

Media literacy as a tool to promote peaceful classrooms At the beginning of the 21st century, about 8% of students reported being bullied. Currently it is not uncommon for 25% of students to report being bullied, and as many as 50% of students are cyber-bullied. It is critically important to address school violence for many

The News Literacy Project

A tool to help students determine news they can trust It has been years since we’ve kept up with the world around us by reading the local paper over breakfast in the morning and watching the national news on television in the evening. The last two decades have seen an explosion of outlets churning out