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Creative Ideas for Making Learning Fun

Remember when you first thought about becoming a teacher? Remember how you thought it would be fun? When most people look back on their own educational experiences, the teachers and lessons that stand out most to them are often the ones that were the most out-of-the-box, non-traditional, creative, and just plain fun. But these "inspired"

Beyond Today’s Assessments

For years, teachers have rightly complained that tests encourage them to focus on a narrow set of knowledge and skills rather than the broader set of abilities they know their students need. Now, however, the testing world is about to undergo the biggest transformation in a generation, and the result is likely to be higher-quality

Encouraging Students to Embrace Academic Challenges

As I introduced a new geometry topic to my sixth grade class, one of my students immediately reacted to my mention of a new skill—classification of solid figures—by blurting out, “Again? We know everything about that. We learned it years ago.” Learning is about building on prior knowledge, and at that moment I needed to