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Specific, Candid, and Helpful Responses to Expressions of Racism and Bias

Tools for rehearsing responses to expressions of bias and racism in ourselves and others Martin Luther King, Jr reminds us that, “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” George Floyd’s death, along with so

Character Council Promotes Values in School and Community

Do you want to do more with your advisory period? Maybe you want to bring students and the community closer, or maybe you are looking to change a negative school climate into a positive one. You might want to try R Character Council, an advisory program developed at Ridgewood Middle School in Arnold, Missouri. R

Teaching Student Leadership in an Inner-City School

Leadership training for youth is an investment in our present and future. Yet providing effective training can be challenging in terms of time and curriculum—especially in high-poverty communities, as we discovered in a pilot study of leadership training at an inner-city middle school. An interdisciplinary team of professors collaborated with a principal and behavioral interventionist

Consider Connections

Integrating social responsibility across the content areas During middle school, students begin to strengthen their ideas and beliefs about themselves and the world around them. To become socially responsible citizens, students need the skills to explore controversial issues through various lenses, respect the ideas of others, better understand themselves, and determine how they can impact

What Does Social Responsibility Mean to a Middle Schooler?

Asking—and listening—to our students pays off Last night I saw the play Dear Edward Hansen with my 14-year-old eighth grader, Zoey. It’s amazing, of course, but one thing that really struck me was the audible sobbing during the show. This is a play about a suicide, social media, mob mentality, and absolute loneliness, so tears were inevitable.

Walking for Water

Building empathy through experience Forty billion hours; not thousand or even million … 40 BILLION. Women and children in Africa spend 40 BILLION hours walking to gather water every year. They walk for hours to obtain water that’s not even safe for their families. Water that breeds waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. When