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What Could Middle Schools Learn from Summer Camp

Here’s what students had to say and what educators can do to have camp-inspired lessons Middle schools and summer camps play different roles in society. Middle schools are a legally required step in a child’s development meant to prepare them for college and career, while summer camps are often elective experiences focusing on a broad

Grading for Life Skills

Building college and career readiness by focusing on effort and behavior Life skills, also known as behavior skills, are the base on which academic and technical skills are built. In the work world, the biggest issue is not technical skill in employees, rather it’s behavior skills. People get hired for their technical skills but fired

A Community Council Makes Everyone a Champion

Empowering students to self-regulate and create a positive classroom community Growing up in rural Nebraska there were three things I knew I would take away from my upbringing: a tenacious work ethic, a strong sense of community, and an obsessive passion for Nebraska football. Legendary football coach, Dr. Tom Osborne not only taught the Husker

Beyond Power Tools: How Maker Learning Can Improve Social Dynamics

In September, my seventh grade students gave me a quick social snapshot of their class. As their new school counselor, I had asked them to submit their thoughts anonymously in a box, and they didn’t hold back. Their comments and questions ranged from the philosophical to the practical: “Why do people spread lies? If someone’s

Do Teachers Remain Neutral or Share their Beliefs with Students?

Politics, Racism, Religious, Classism, Sexual Orientation: Do Teachers Remain Neutral or Share their Beliefs with Students? I struggle to respect the opinions of those who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and dismiss evolution as having no factual basis. I am sad for the irrational nature of their thinking and the missed opportunities

They Need a Hero!

Using hero stories to build academic skills and character in adolescents. At the heart of every great story is a hero who triumphs over adversity. Hero stories, including Greek myths and legends, empower students with the knowledge that others have faced and overcome similar challenges. They provide opportunities for students to identify with a hero