Jack Berckemeyer


Humorist, Author and Educational Consultant

Jack Berckemeyer is the owner and director of Nuts and Bolts Symposiums located in Destin, Florida and Stillwater, Oklahoma. His presentations are known for their trademark energy, humor, and expertise on the topics including staff development, teaming and adolescent behavior. More information can be found at www.jackberckemeyer.com.

Topics Available

    • Connecting Curriculum in a Virtual World
      Jack will share ideas and strategies on how to prepare for teaching students in a virtual (and live) classroom. This will include ways to integrate content. Grading practices will be shared.
    • 10 Facts about Young Adolescents
      In order to teach young adolescents you need to understand them. This webinar will cover the current trends and facts about young adolescents.
    • Teams – Consistency, Connections and Culture
      Creating great teams is a must in order to help increase student achievement and teacher morale. Teams need to be using their team time effectively. Jack will share ideas based on his book, Taming of the Team.
    • Working with Team Leaders
      Team leaders need training on how to deal with parents and team members. Discover innovative ways on how to hold team meetings as well as how to hold each other accountable.
    • Administration Support on Implementing Middle Level Concepts
      Discover ways to implement the middle level concept within your school. Work with Jack on how to create a middle level culture within your school.
    • Classroom Management – Managing the Madness
      Discover why young adolescents interrupt our classrooms and explore management ideas to help solve some of your classroom disruptions.
    • Student Led-Conferences in a Virtual Teaching World
      What a great time to involve parents in their students’ learning! Learn how student-led conferences can be done in a virtual way.
    • Parenting Young Adolescents
      It is not easy raising a young adolescent. Find out more about your middle school child. Jack will provide you with funny insights into the minds of 10-15 year olds.
    Custom webinars based on middle level concepts and practices.

Contact Information

To book a professional development event with Jack, contact membercenter@amle.org