Classroom Management

Your Students Have Cell Phones

Let the torture, I mean, texting begin A rite of passage for many students entering middle school is being handed their own cell phone. Chances are that parents of kids entering fifth, sixth, or seventh grades have discussed cell phones ad nauseum because their kids have been anticipating getting one for a long time. It

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A Calm Classroom Community

Being proactive by communicating expectations of classroom behavior No need for a bull horn, the students could hear me shouting just fine. My voice was so hoarse after my first year, it sounded like I was constantly coming down with whooping cough. Expectations? Oh, my students were fully aware of the expectations … after they

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Classroom Protocols

Fostering relationships, management, and learning with expectations and structures Classroom management is essential in structuring an environment conducive to learning. Sprick (2009) explains that educators need to understand how to shape behavior so they “can make effective decisions and take appropriate actions to help students learn to behave responsibly” (p. 16). Middle school educators often

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Care, Consistency, and Content

The 3Cs of classroom management in the middle school English language arts classroom Introduction You can be the greatest teacher of English language arts content but never be able to teach it if classroom management issues plague your classroom. The fact of the matter is that good classroom management is essential to a successful classroom.

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Don’t Pick Up the Rope

Why it’s not worth getting into a struggle with students It was the summer of 1998. I lived in a two room apartment with my now husband. The shower was in the kitchen. We drove clunker cars, scrounged change for take-out, and let me tell you, we were living our best life. We were young,

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The Power of Community Circles

Building healthy relationships in the middle school classroom The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) emphasizes the importance of creating a successful school for young adolescents that is inviting, supportive, safe, and joyful in order to support students’ emotional well-being. As a middle level teacher educator, it has become apparent that teaching future educators the

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