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Supporting Middle Level Educators through COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, educators are being asked to support their school communities while adapting to an entirely different way of teaching almost overnight. This can be especially challenging when working with young adolescents, who are already going through a transformative time of development. At the same time, we know the power of AMLE members to support one another and share resources that are working well to keep our students on track. Explore and add to AMLE’s crowdsourced and curated resources for advisory and online learning.

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AMLE COVID-19 Resources

Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivitySuccess BoundAttendance and grades are critical factors in preparing students for success, along with the development of important skills such as self advocacy, time management, and vision setting. Success Bound addresses these core factors by equipping school staff with free resources to set students on a path to success in high school, college, and beyond.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityKnowledge is Power THE KID-GRIT PANDEMIC CRISIS GUIDE: Wellness for Students, Educators & Families
Advisory/SELRemote LearningSEL Virtual LibraryVideo library of activities for SEL for K-12
Advisory/SELRemote LearningKindness Journal30 days of kindness that can be shared with students and families All activities can be done at home
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityDistance Check-InWe know the importance of checking in with our students on a daily basis to get a quick sense of how they’re feeling that day. A simple Google form can help you accomplish that objective remotely.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityKindness BingoHelp students remember to make kind choices by gamifying it with bingo!
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityVirtual PostcardsWhen we are away from our students, we still need to make sure we are sending them reminders that they are missed, reassure them that we still think about them, and encourage them! Here, you will find a few sample “postcards” that you can add messages to and send to your students via e-mail.
Advisory/SELRemote LearningLet GrowFree programs to support educators in helping make kids more independent and self-directed
Advisory/SELRemote LearningSchoolToolsTV.comA site to build better relationships and create better academic results via daily videos
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityParent COVID-19 Communication LogA great way to ensure school staff are collecting vital information to both check-in on student well-being and identify those in need of additional support.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivitySpirit WeekHelp students stay connected to their classmates and their school culture by doing an at-home spirit week. Encourage them to tag the school on social media.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivitySpirit Week 2More ideas to help students stay connected to their classmates and their school culture by doing an at-home spirit week. Encourage them to tag the school on social media.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityStudent Voice and VisualsKeep your students engaged with what it means to be a middle schooler by participating in AMLE’s student voice and visuals competition.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivitySpecial Olympics: Unified Generation Facebook GroupMake connections and share stories with your fellow friends.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivityGenerationUnified.orgAn abundance of video content and amazing stories to help keep you inspired and uplifted.
Advisory/SELRemote LearningIgnite Your S.H.I.N.E.Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.® is a framework to fire up those in your organization, school or district to create a place where we cherish and value… everyone! (free lessons for limited time)
Advisory/SELRemote LearningTeaching Social Justice and Building Community in Remote SettingsMiddle School activities, literature guides, lessons, an tips for remote community building and social justice awareness.
Advisory/SELRemote Learning5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the CoronavirusNew York Times article with advice for parents and teachers.
Advisory/SELRemote LearningEmotional Resilience Mantra WorksheetCreate a mantra to improve student's emotional resilience, confidence and mindfulness.
Advisory/SELRemote LearningStrength Shield WorksheetStudents can strong during difficult times by focusing on their strengths and happy experiences.
Advisory/SELRemote LearningSecond StepAdvisory Program, specific programs to each age group, including middle school ($)
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivitySchool of StrengthAn interactive online platform that encourages athletes to participate in a fun and engaging training program that they can do in the comfort of their own homes.
Advisory/SELRemote Advisory ActivitySpread the Word>>InclusionMake your commitment to spread inclusion by taking the pledge.
Advisory/SELRemote LearningTeaching ToleranceLessons can be used in several subject areas, but focus on Social Justice and Action
ArtsRemote LearningBrooke Brown's Maker StationsEasy to follow maker station activities that will last you three weeks. *Three free weeks.
ArtsRemote LearningChrome Music LabCreate your own music and art using one of several different tools
ArtsRemote LearningVirtual Museum ToursMany museums offer free online virtual visits. Check out Smithsonian Institutes as an example here.
ArtsRemote LearningMetropolitan OperaThe Metropolitan Opera is streaming recordings of past operas. FREE each evening @ 7 pm eastern time. I addition, the streams are available until 3:30 pm eastern time the next day!
ArtsRemote Learning12 Virtual Museum ToursVisit 12 different museums from around the world via a virtual visit
ELARemote LearningScholastic Learn at HomeLessons by grade level to help students read think and grow
ELARemote LearningAmplify ELA Novel GuidesComprehensive novel guides for middle school favorites.
ELARemote LearningNew ELAOffers articles on various subjects, can adjust articles to students' reading levels. Good to use with Science, Social Studies and the Arts. ($) but offering free for distance learning
ELARemote LearningRead to LeadRTL is a perfect, self-directed way that youth can engage in learning.
ELARemote LearningSquiggle ParkReading skills and comprehension K-8
ELARemote LearningStoryline OnlineStoryline Online streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations
GeneralRemote LearningClaim Your Future Lesson PlanClaim Your Future is a online game where students can create a budget based on a career.
GeneralRemote LearningBest Practices in Middle Level Quaranteaching: Strategies, Tips and Resources Amidst COVID-19An article featuring technology tips and resources to support young adolescent learners.
GeneralRemote LearningQuaranteaching in the time of COVID-19: Exemplar from a Middle Grades Virtual ClassroomExemplar of Online Teaching during COVID-19
GeneralRemote InstructionalGoogle Classroom BasicsA slide show with instructions on how to start a google classroom.
GeneralRemote InstructionalCreating Google Meets in Google CalendarVideo tutorial on creating Google Meets in Google Calendar.
GeneralRemote InstructionalUsing Google Meet for Distance LearningVideo tutorial on using Google Meet for distance learning.
GeneralRemote LearningEVERFIFree online courses on financial education, STEM, career readiness, health & wellness, SEL, & more.
GeneralRemote LearningCheckology Virtual ClassroomComprehensive collection of lessons and activities for teaching news literacy
GeneralRemote LearningEmergency Meals to YouEmergency Meals to You is a public-private partnership between USDA, Baylor Collaborative on Hunger, McLane Global, PepsiCo and others – designed for home delivery of free shelf-stable, nutritious meals to students in rural areas, missing school due to COVID-19.
GeneralRemote LearningNearpodNearpod is an instructional platform that merges formative assessment and dynamic media for collaborative learning experiences.
GeneralRemote LearningSteps to help increase your intellectual wellnessThese are some steps to help increase students intellectual wellness and self care during these time
GeneralRemote LearningFree Downloads for Projects and Classroom ResourcesVisit our online Learning Center for lots of FREE resources.
GeneralRemote LearningAt Home Outdoor EducationFree Hands On Outdoor Education Lessons to Encourage Kinesthetic Engagement and Learning
GeneralRemote LearningRemote Learning TipsTips for Selecting Online Learning Resources for Young Adolescents
GeneralRemote LearningBrainPopShort videos w/ activities on wide range of topics - ($) but offering free for distance learning
GeneralRemote LearningCareer GirlsFree career exploration website featuring over 600 diverse and accomplished women role models.
GeneralRemote LearningU.S. Census Bureau - Home and Distance Learning ActivitiesThe U.S. Census Bureau's Statistics in Schools (SIS) program, offers over 200 free learning activities and resources that you can choose from for children in pre-K through 12th grade that you can easily use at home.
GeneralRemote LearningCK-12Great resources for learining about 4 cores subjects with video based lessons.
GeneralRemote InstructionalCommonSense.orgFeatures evaluations of educational websites and apps.
GeneralRemote LearningCult of Pedagogy: Distance LearningA Gently Curated Collection of Resources for Teachers.
GeneralRemote LearningDiscovery EducationVideos and resources for multiple content areas. ($) Districts can request access for distance learning.
GeneralRemote LearningEngage NYCCSS lessons for ELA and Math grades k-12
GeneralRemote LearningImpero Education ProImpero Software is making its Impero Education Pro web-based software free for the remainder of the school year to districts that do not already have remote monitoring software in place.
GeneralRemote LearningLead4ChangeLead4Change Student Leadership program offers teachers digital lessons that are free, ready to use and can be student lead.
GeneralRemote LearningThe 30 Best Remote Learning Tools for Students30 tools that will help you succeed in all aspects of remote learning, from studying and test prep to everywhere in between.
GeneralRemote LearningUsing PBL in Remote LearningArticle detaiing tips and tricks for creating PBL experiences for students in a remote learning environment.
GeneralRemote LearningWebinar Series: How to Facilitate PBL Online with StudentsA free webinar series designed to offer practical guidance for facilitating PBL online with students.
GeneralRemote LearningPBL Distance LearningLesson plans related to current events, the 2020 election, STEM, and teen journalism
GeneralRemote LearningHow to Create the Perfect Study Environment for Online LearningCreate a study environment for online learning that minimizes distractions and puts you in the minds
GeneralRemote LearningVirtual BustersVirtual strategies to make any online lesson more engaging from Boredom Busters author Katie Powell.
GeneralRemote LearningWhole Child Virtual SummitFree Professional Development for Educators from 30 Leading Experts
MathRemote LearningAlegbra 1 LessonsAlgebra 1 lessons that can be used for e-learning
MathRemote LearningMiddle School StatisticsOnline lesson plans for students to learn about statistics
MathRemote LearningAlgebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry LessonsComplete lessons with Google Drive and YouTube links.
MathRemote LearningThe Get It GuideParental engagement for middle school math.
MathRemote LearningDesmosInteractive math lessons, can be lead by students or teacher
MathRemote LearningThe Global Math CircleLIVE online small-group meetings to dissect rich, non-routine math problems.
MathRemote LearningIXLConcept practice, includes "how to solve" when a student get it wrong, now offers ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish ($)
MathRemote LearningKhan AcademyK-12 interactive lessons for learning all math concepts…(and more)
MathRemote LearningMath GamesOffers digital practice of CCSS standards grades pk-8, as well as printable worksheets
MathRemote LearningMatificMatific’s Common Core Standards aligned activities, worksheets and word problems, make it an ideal resource for distance learning.
MathRemote LearningProdigyCreate a free account and play interactive math games K-8
MathRemote LearningVirtual NerdOffers tutorial videos for CCSS standards (organized by grade level and standard)
OtherRemote LearningParents: Supporting Learning During the COVID-19 PandemicThis resource offers parents practical tools and strategies to help their children learn at home.
OtherRemote LearningPuberty Education at HomeResources to share with parents/other caregivers to support them teaching puberty at home
OtherRemote LearningPuberty EducationDistance Learning Adaptations for Puberty Education
OtherRemote Learning105 Tools for Distance Learning & Strategies for Student EngagementThis site lists dozens of distance learning tools and resources.
OtherRemote Advisory Activity#AMLEStrong Zoom BackgroundWant to showcase your middle school pride while teaching online, or have students that would prefer their background be anonymous? Check out this #MiddleSchoolStrong zoom background.
OtherRemote LearningClasscraftClasscraft is a platform for motivating students that gives educators everything they need to help students succeed — in-person or in a remote environment. With Classcraft, educators can set clear expectations for behavior, offer digital rewards that meet students’ psychological needs, and foster personal relationships and community. Classcraft is free to teachers, and from now until July 31 we’re offering Classcraft for free to schools and districts.
OtherRemote LearningDuolingoLearn a language for free. Forever.
OtherRemote LearningPresenceLearning's Teletherapy PlatformAvailable for onsite school clinicians to continue serving students at home during school closures.
OtherRemote LearningTWINKL Free Ultimate SubscriptionUse code CVDTWINKLHELPS for accsess to over 650,000 resources.
OtherRemote LearningCoding for KidsUdemy offers a range of courses for you and your child to choose from. You can opt for courses focused on a specific language (like HTML, CSS, or Python), or you can choose more game-based introductions algorithmic logic.
Physical ActivityRemote LearningLet's MoveGovernment initiative to help youth explore healthy living choices, includes activities, receipes, and more.
Physical ActivityRemote LearningUnicef Kid Power UpOffers Brain break dances for kids, and each time they take a breain break they are earning points to help others. My students would highly recommend "Bread Cheese Bread"
ScienceRemote LearningAmplify Science 6-8Self-guided videos that teach students how to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists.
ScienceRemote LearningMysterydougLessons k-5 with videos and handout
ScienceRemote LearningPhETFree online simulations for science and math.
ScienceRemote LearningScience MomVideos, printables and activities about science
ScienceRemote LearningEarthEcho Educator ResourcesEducator Resources are a collection of videos, lesson plans, and activities related to the environment.
ScienceRemote LearningEarthEcho Virtual EventsFree, live, virtual events covering environmental science topics and STEM careers.
ScienceRemote LearningScience Resources from Flinn ScientificFlinn Scientific is making available a robust collection of resources for science education.
ScienceRemote LearningInnerOrbitNGSS Assessment platform for 6-12. Build 3D assessments with a phenomena-driven question bank.
ScienceRemote LearningLegends of LearningThousands of online learning games for math and science aligned with the standards. (free now till end of year)
ScienceRemote LearningVernier Experiments and Sample Data LibraryFree experiments and sample data for teachers to share with their students.

*These resources have been submitted by middle level educators and curated by a team of non-staff AMLE members. Any linkages from this web site to the web site of another party do not constitute or imply AMLE’s endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of said resource. Users should ensure that a resource is authorized for use by their respective school leadership.