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The Hidden Benefits of Video Games, Part 2

How video games can help students develop important life skills This is part 2 in a two-part series on the benefits of video games both in and out of the classroom. Part 1 covers practice and patience, teamwork, socializing, and leadership. Business Acumen While Monopoly may be one of the oldest games to impart some business strategies

The Hidden Benefits of Video Games

How video games can help students develop important life skills Admit it. You have played video games and perhaps enjoyed them! Tetris? Candy Crush? Angry Birds? Solitaire? Or perhaps a game-of-chance? Well you are not alone. With more than 65 million users of Pokemon Go gained in the week after it launched, the craze rekindled

20 Literacy Strategies for Engaging the Middle Level Brain

Effective ways to enhance reading and writing experiences. Recently, I was teaching a language arts class in Logan, West Virginia. The objective of the lesson was to analyze the impact of tradition on human behavior using narrative text. Sounds really dull, doesn’t it? It could have been, had I not used engaging strategies to facilitate

Leveling Up in a Gamified Classroom

Our students, like all students, don’t always do what they are supposed to do. Sometimes they talk when they should be listening. Sometimes they don’t read directions. Sometimes they have trouble working together in a cooperative setting. That being said, sometimes our students do something naughty that most other kids don’t do. Many educators have