Language Arts and Literacy

Making Meaning with Films

Films can—and should—be more than time-killers in your classroom. We all know the stereotypical image of the teacher who, tired of direct instruction, dims the lights, turns on the DVD player, and sits quietly while students stare at the screen. The problem here is not that students are watching a film in class—it’s that the

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The Love Bubble

Using writing as opportunities for students to grieve and grow. Teachers are perpetual students. Each day we learn some new piece of information from a book, an article, or a podcast, but we often learn a great deal more from our students. This following story is inspired by an experience with an 11-year-old student named

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Selecting Complex Texts with Intention

Exploring the five plagues of complex text. One of the most important aspects of teaching literacy in the classroom is text selection, the process by which teachers choose what their students will read. For many teachers, text selection boils down to choosing something that will engage students and motivate them to read. Reasonable diversity in

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