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Promoting Young Adolescent Readers

Literacy initiatives have led to a steady increase in fourth grade reading scores since 1999, but according to research, the literacy levels of 13- and 17-year-olds have remained static for almost 40 years. Why do middle school readers continue to struggle? According to a new white paper from Generation Ready, “Adolescent Readers in Middle School,”

Literacy as the Link: Common Core Standards and Content Area Teaching

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) literacy standards for content area teachers provide incentive for teachers to focus on instructional techniques to meet students’ rigorous literacy needs across the curriculum. One of us (Ginni), an associate professor who teaches content area literacy courses at a regional university, and the other (Jason), who teaches middle grades

Helping ELLs Master the Dreaded Word Problem

Dean has a recipe for lemonade. To make 14 servings, Dean will need 4 cups of lemon juice. How many ounces of lemon juice will Dean need if he wants to make 35 servings? Students in the United States are taught to complete the following steps when solving a word problem like this: Read the

Driving Instruction: Giving Students the Wheel

Giving students choices speaks to their wants and needs. Think back to the last time you took a road trip. As the driver, you might have used a GPS or map to help you navigate, or even asked advice from your passenger. But ultimately, as the driver, you made the final decision about your route.