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Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program – Building Future Leaders Through Service

Three middle level educators share their results As a middle level educator, I understand the importance of standards-based grading to assess cognitive skills, however, I wanted to ensure that my students develop strong non-cognitive skills so they can be successful leaders in their communities and the world. I chose the Lead2Feed Student Leadership curriculum because

Holiday Volunteer Projects for Middle Level Students

‘Tis the season! With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays around the corner, it’s a good time to get middle level students thinking beyond their own holiday wish list to consider how they can make someone else’s season a little brighter. Because of age requirements, it sometimes can be hard for middle level students to find

How Middle Level Students Were Inspired to Give Back

Some start because of something they saw on TV. Others are moved by the challenge facing a loved one, or one they’re facing themselves. Over the past 21 years, The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards has heard from thousands of young people about why they first volunteered. One theme comes up again and again: a

Everyone Benefits when Middle School Students Volunteer

We know that young people have a lot to gain from volunteering. But a recent study suggests the personal benefits are greater than you might expect. Prudential Financial’s Spirit of Community Initiative surveyed 1,200 teenagers in the U.S. to better understand the motivators and differences between young people who volunteer and young people who don’t.

Are You Ready for an Expedition?

Integrating service-learning with the study of science inspires students to explore. Real-world learning transforms passive observation into well-planned, deliberate action. By studying the environment, students identify connections that inspire questions: What issues affect our environment today? How can collective actions change trends caused by everyday habits? How can classroom learning transfer to real world situations?

A Global Awareness Collaboration Across Disciplines

Teaching students broader concepts using an interdisciplinary approach promotes more authentic experiences and broader learning. Laura Duerr, author of the Spring 2008 Educational Horizons article, “Interdisciplinary Instruction, Educational Horizons,” notes that students also become more involved learners and are able to remove the imaginary discipline lines across subjects, allowing for deeper connections. What’s more, significant statistical research