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Spotlight on Lead2Feed

We asked Debby Dodge, grant manager for Lead2Feed/Lift a Life Foundation, a series of questions about the important part service learning and common vision play in developing caring, compassionate young adolescents. Listen to a podcast with Lift a Life Director Ashley Butler 1. What is Lead2Feed’s vision and how does it support middle level education?

Top middle level volunteers share their stories of service

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards is proud to recognize middle level students every year, in every state, for helping their communities through volunteer service. The Association for Middle Level Education is a proud supporter of this important recognition program. As the 2014 application period enters its final week, the program talked to two recent

Weaving STEM, Exploration, and Community Service

There is an epidemic plaguing our country. It's creeping through our communities and into many of our schools. It's not the flu. It's the number of young people who are dropping out of school at alarming rates, walking away from an education that would improve their lives, their earning potential, and ultimately, their communities. Because

Bringing Learning to Life Through Service

Society faces pressing problems on many fronts today. Economic crises mean more families require assistance to meet basic needs, environmental degradation contributes to natural disasters, and disparities in educational opportunities leave some communities at risk. Luckily, some of the best minds in our nation are in our midst, tackling these issues and more. You'll find

The Neighborhood STEM School: Creating a Better World

How will you make the world better? This question challenges every member of the Preston Middle School community and serves as the foundation for everything we do. Preston Middle School is a school of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was named an Intel School of Distinction in Science