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Previewing Life as a Middle Grades Teacher

Before they ever step into their very own classroom, middle school educators should have a realistic picture of the characteristics that make up effective middle level education and the unique qualities of young adolescents. This preview may reveal early on that teaching young adolescents isn't really what they want to do, after all. As a

Preservice Teachers Are Creating a College Culture for At-Risk Middle School Students

This mid-point report from a seven-year study about building a college culture investigates how a multifaceted approach including mentoring, technology, campus visits, parent involvement, and tutoring impacts at-risk middle school students’ college aspirations and eventual success gaining college acceptance. Based on NAEP report data, many young adolescents may not be adequately prepared for postsecondary education

Joining Forces for the Future

Collaboration is one of the essential attributes of successful middle grades schools. The benefits of working together are apparent in the joint efforts of a small midwestern college and an urban middle school to close the achievement gap. The Department of Middle Childhood Education at Lourdes College in Sylvania, Ohio, in partnership with the United

Passion is not enough: Preparing middle level preservice teachers to be advocates for change

Each year, thousands of middle grades preservice teachers assume their places in classrooms across the country, through practica, internships, and student teaching experiences. Over 600 U.S. colleges or universities cur­rently offer some form of specialized middle level teacher preparation (Howell, Faulkner, Cook, Miller, & Thompson, 2016), many of which are in.uenced by national standards that

Getting to Know Your Students: Inside Room 801

With more testing than ever in years past, I realized that I was forgoing the most important part of my job description, which was getting to know my students. One lazy Saturday morning, an idea came to me while watching Inside the Actors Studio. Why not hold an interview for my students and allow their