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The Power of Thinking Across Disciplines

On a Wednesday in early February, a group of sixth grade students at Saddle River Day School in New Jersey sat around a small collection of desks arranged like a table. This makeshift table came complete with a patterned tablecloth, place settings of silverware and cloth napkins, and a centerpiece of a potted orchid. The

Exploring Science Through Fine Arts

The middle school years are a pivotal time in students’ understanding of and enthusiasm for science, according to the National Science Teachers Association. Science must be something that students do, not something that is done to them. Integrating the fine arts into the science curriculum is an effective way for middle level teachers to keep students

A Teaching Mosaic: Putting Together the Pieces of Interdisciplinary Instruction

It was a Monday morning, two short weeks before Mardi Gras and unusually chilly for the Crescent City. A gaggle of seventh graders had just begun to assault my classroom. In defense (or terror), I pulled a Jeb Stuart-like flanking maneuver and ducked into the faculty lounge/refuge. I desperately needed one last skyscraper-tall cup of