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Welcome to the Inclusion Revolution

Growing a culture of inclusion builds bonds and improves opportunities for all students For the life of me, I cannot remember having a significant interaction in middle school with my peers who had disabilities. I’m not a particularly forgetful person; I have many memories from my small town middle school in Iowa—some good ones, some

Middle Level Students: The Unified Generation

Help our students with and without intellectual disabilities lead the way to socially inclusive schools Exclusion, discrimination, bullying—all are in the headlines on a daily basis, but change is ahead. It is time for an inclusion revolution, and our middle level students can help lead the way by becoming part of a unified generation. Ending

Student Leadership is Fundamental to Positive School Climate

Engaging students in shaping school climate improvement pays off There is growing research demonstrating that students perform better academically, socially, and emotionally when they are meaningfully engaged, contributing members of a school with a positive, caring, equitable school climate. As adults, we often think we are the architects of a school’s culture, but we underestimate