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What are THOSE?! The Curriculum of Middle Grades Humor

I am happy to report that middle school humor is alive and well. In fact, I think it has ticked up a couple of notches in the quality of verbal irony and social commentary since my days as a young adolescent. When I was 11 years old, my friends and I thought jokes about all

Bringing the FUN Back to Learning

Data, rigor, relevance, and standards are certainly terms that are important and vital in the world of education, but so is the FUN factor. When students feel and experience learning as fun, we know they are more engaged, more on task, and more willing to dig deeper into the content. Whenever a new teacher visits

The Battle over Student Engagement

I can’t claim to be a major history buff, nor can I recite all of the major battles of the European Campaign in World War II. But I have learned one important lesson from war movies such as Saving Private Ryan and The Bridge on the River Kwai. The simple lesson is this: often, it’s the smaller battles

Manage Your Classroom AND Keep Your Sanity

Classroom management is about trial and error; it comes through practice, patience, teamwork, flexibility, quality mentoring, willingness to seek help, and a huge dose of humor. There is no one solution for every classroom management problem. Try new ideas, take time to listen to your students, trust your instincts, and have fun along the way.

How to Be a Legendary Teacher

Can you imagine teaching middle grades students for more than four decades? As a middle school principal, I had the opportunity to work with just such a teacher. Barry Krizan taught three generations of our community’s young adolescents and has reached “legend” status. This is how Barry did it. Respect and Relationships Create a climate