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Integrating Global Education in the Middle School Math Classroom

Inspire student interest and positive attitudes toward math Four hundred years ago Galileo Galilei observed that “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe.” The “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics,” in the words of famous physicist Eugene Wigner, has been and continues to be incredibly successful in describing the world around us, from

Movies and Math Help Make Global Connections

Mathematics is a truly universal language and by its very nature is enriched by, and historically grew because of, the contributions of scholars from around the world, from the Greeks, the Arabs, the Hindus and the Chinese, just to name a few. It therefore has natural connections with the themes of global education and diversity

A Global Awareness Collaboration Across Disciplines

Teaching students broader concepts using an interdisciplinary approach promotes more authentic experiences and broader learning. Laura Duerr, author of the Spring 2008¬†Educational Horizons¬†article, “Interdisciplinary Instruction, Educational Horizons,” notes that students also become more involved learners and are able to remove the imaginary discipline lines across subjects, allowing for deeper connections. What’s more, significant statistical research