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Recognizing the A in STEM Education

We live in a world where you can’t understand science without technology, which couches most of if its research and development in engineering, which you can’t create without an understanding of the arts and mathematics. I came to this realization while studying the common factors of teaching and learning across the STEM disciplines of science,

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A Haiku Master and Dreams on Display

Enriching the curriculum and boosting middle school student engagement with the arts We don’t need statistics to know that a curriculum lacking in arts is boring, but too often when budgets are cut, the fun parts of being in school for children are the first to be eliminated. The notion that schools with limited budgets

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Dot to Dot

Lessons that are rich in arts are engaging, but how do you bring art into the classroom? To afford students the time and space to analyze, create, and synthesize … these are the ultimate goals of education, and as such, they are the reasons why we must not only invite the arts into core classrooms,

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