Spread the Word … Share the Learning!

The sessions… The speakers… The tweets… The conversations… The strategies… The ideas… The attendees!

All of these ingredients (and more) made for a thrilling and informative recipe in Nashville at AMLE2014, the 41st Annual Conference for Middle Level Education.

Now that we’re all back in our classrooms and school houses, how do we keep the middle level education excitement going and how do we effectively implement everything we learned at AMLE2014?

Everyone’s journey is different, but there are common steps and questions that will help us reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools.

What sessions, speakers, conversations, and experiences had a significant impact on your professional learning—and why? Consider the goals and burning questions you had throughout your conference experience. Then, go back through the AMLE2014 program book, conference app, the #AMLE2014 Twitter feed, and your notes and see how they addressed your needs. Write down the themes and ideas that emerge, and then make a “follow up” plan with next steps.

With so much great middle grades learning at AMLE2014, you may not have been able to see it all.

Thankfully, the conference app lets you go back and discover everything that you may have missed the first time. Connect with speakers, get and share documents, and spread the word about the exceptional learning that happened at AMLE2014!

How and with whom will you share what you learned at AMLE2014? In order for effective and sustained school improvement to occur, it’s important to get people on your side! Therefore, after you’ve organized what you learned at the conference, it’s time to spread the word. Share during grade level meetings. Ask your school administrators for time at faculty meetings. Contribute to your school’s newsletter. Get involved on Twitter and tweet your ideas to #AMLE2014 and #mschat.

What ideas can you present next year at AMLE2015? Use your time in Nashville as a launching pad to AMLE2015 in Columbus, Ohio, at the 42nd Annual Conference for Middle Level Education. Whether it’s a concurrent session, a workshop, or a Speed Learning session, you’ve got great ideas to share that will help middle grades educators around the country!

Submit your session proposal now for AMLE2015!