Student Engagement

Successful Middle School in a Minute

The Successful Middle School in a Minute – Kid Ed Camp

Featured Educator: Dr. Donald Gately, @donald_gately Jericho Middle School Jericho, New York, USA Derived from the professional development model by the same name, students are invited to submit topics and passions of interest and then present them as a session. Students can choose which session they’d like to attend. At Jericho Middle School, the idea

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Census Data

This Middle Level Education Month, Make Learning Fun With Census Data

No matter what mode your students are learning in right now, it’s always great to have some engaging take home activities in your toolkit that tie into the “real world” and make learning relevant for your students. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools (SIS) program offers over 200 free activities and resources across multiple

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Authenticity, Duplicity, and the Philadelphia 76ers

As a Latin teacher, I struggle with creating authentic learning experiences. Most authentic Roman cultural experiences would get me reprimanded or fired. Authentic Latin literature? I teach beginning Latin to middle school students. Yesterday a student put verb endings on a noun. I am, however, an authentic teacher. If I am to be truly authentic

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