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But is it really about Critical Race Theory?

But is it really about Critical Race Theory?: The attack on teaching about systemic racism and why we must care

This article originally appeared in Volume 52, Issue 4 of Middle School Journal. AMLE members receive complimentary access to current and back issues of the Journal. The nice part about being an editor of Middle School Journal is having the editorial space to discuss relevant issues within education. One challenge is that the time between
Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle

How the Institute for Middle Level Leadership shaped my perspective on what it means to be a school leader In the summer of 2019, before the pandemic hit and the world went topsy-turvy, I was given the opportunity to attend AMLE’s Institute for Middle Level Leadership. I was already a member and had previously attended the annual conference,


Using Middle School Behavior Charts to Provide Clear and Transparent Discipline

We set out to create a fair and consistent system that also promotes positive relationships within our school community Are your school’s expectations and consequences clear and transparent? Can your colleagues, students, and families understand how discipline decisions are made by using common language and definitions? Would several different administrators be able to consistently address

The Power of Hope: What we Can Learn about Middle School from 7th Grade Inaugural Poetry Contest Finalist Gabby Marshall

At AMLE, we jump at the opportunity to amplify the middle school student’s voices and accomplishments. That’s why we were delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Gabrielle “Gabby” Marshall, a seventh-grade student at The Steward School in Richmond, Virginia and finalist in the Inaugural Poem Project and Contest for Students. Twelve-year-old Gabby placed