Successful Middle School in a Minute

The Successful Middle School in a Minute – Kid Ed Camp

Featured Educator: Dr. Donald Gately, @donald_gately Jericho Middle School Jericho, New York, USA Derived from the professional development model by the same name, students are invited to submit topics and passions of interest and then present them as a session. Students can choose which session they’d like to attend. At Jericho Middle School, the idea

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Middle Grades Mindset

Getting Back Into the Middle Grades Mindset

Before we start another school year, I have to address something dangerous. Thankfully, it has nothing to do with a pandemic, masks, or bottles of hand-sanitizer. This school-based danger comes in the form of the word “mindset.” Allow me to explain the dangers. First, I have no problem with one part of the word, “mind”–because

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What We've Gained

What We Have Gained

So much discussion has focused on what students have gained, or lost, during this time of interrupted learning. But what have we, the educators, gained? Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, while most school buildings were closed and our society pivoted suddenly to learning and working from home, we heard a nearly universal outpouring of gratitude

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Learning Loss

Let’s Stop Saying Learning Loss

It is time to reframe how we talk about this learning interruption There is a lot of discussion right now about the “learning loss” experienced by our students after a year of disrupted education. Yes – it is true that many students have not attended school in-person five days a week with immediate access to

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