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Successful Middle School in a Minute

Featured Educator: Dr. Donald Gately, @donald_gately
Jericho Middle School

Jericho, New York, USA

Derived from the professional development model by the same name, students are invited to submit topics and passions of interest and then present them as a session. Students can choose which session they’d like to attend. At Jericho Middle School, the idea took off with students signing up to share a wide variety of sessions ranging from how to draw anime, politics, sports-related topics, how to prevent stress, making your own slime, and many more. Dr. Gately believes any school can find doable ways to give students a voice in their own learning experience, and encourages interested educators to reach out if they’d like to learn more about Kid Ed Camp.



The Successful Middle School in a Minute is a video blog and podcast which aims to bring AMLE’s landmark text on best practice in the middle grades to life. The goal is simple: to connect middle school educators across the world one quick conversation at a time.

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