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Why Connect? A Connected Educator’s Story

When I talk to colleagues about being a “connected” educator, the first response is often “I don’t have time!” followed by “Why? What’s in it for me?” I can relate. That is where I was a year and a half ago. I was busy, doing the best I could in my classroom, alone. How would

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Twitter NE1?

In her Click Here column, Brenda Dyck does a beautiful job of helping us incorporate and navigate technology, but I want to add my voice to hers in support of a particularly powerful tool: Twitter. To be honest, I’m a relatively late convert to its usefulness. Initially, I thought it was major “time suckage” I

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Join the Crowd: Building a PLN

The phrase “Teachers work in isolation,” has long been used to describe the working conditions of educational professionals, including most middle level teachers. Educators have found ways to solve this problem by creating departmental structures, transdisciplinary teaching teams, professional book clubs, and Professional Learning Communities, among other strategies. Often, these solutions help isolated teachers build

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