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Ten Mindfulness Strategies for Educators

Helping you achieve work-life balance Last September, Eva waited impatiently at the copier, her blood pressure rising as she realized she would be late for class yet again. She could barely make eye contact with her colleagues, her aggravation impeding any casual conversation. At a staff meeting that afternoon, Eva overheard two teachers talking about

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Taking Care of Ourselves

Eight ways for teachers to balance work, life, and wellness Balancing work, life, and wellness are difficult for everyone in every profession; however, for educators, that balance can be even more challenging. As a teacher, you are often pulled in many directions and need to work extra hard to balance your work life and your

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Reflective Coaching: Training for All Teachers

Assessment expert Dylan Wiliam says that student thinking is the primary goal for descriptive feedback. He contrasts that goal with what often happens when teachers use judgement instead of feedback with students: threatened ego. When we invoke the need to save one’s honor or self-perception in a student through our comments on his performance, there’s little to no

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