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Get Away from Grading and Get Students Learning

Why do we grade? Is it to sort students by perceived ability? To measure learning? To engage students? To fail students, because not everyone can or should be successful? To satisfy parents and others in the community? To hold students accountable? Depending on your philosophy, you might support grading for any of the above reasons.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating Meaningful Assessments

Designing assessments to analyze teaching and learning One of the most frustrating parts of teaching for me has been assessments. There have been so many times when I’ve felt success in learning with my students throughout a unit only to realize they haven’t learned what I thought or hoped they had. It’s equally frustrating for

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Ensuring Valid, Effective, Rigorous Assessments

How can you ensure your assessments provide accurate feedback? What’s the best way to assess students’ learning? During the past several years, we have developed a process that help us ensure we are using valid, effective, and rigorous assessments with our students—a process that every middle level teacher can use. Step 1. Deconstruct the standards.

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