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Effective Instructional Practices for Diverse Learners

Using popular culture resources to engage learners. Middle level teachers can make learning engaging by using popular culture texts. When faced with the challenge of engaging students, many teachers often struggle to create relevant learning experiences while also meeting the needs of each learner. Four teachers at an Atlanta area school learned to integrate various

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Using the Teacher-Based Team Process to Raise Teacher Voice

Teacher collaboration and shared decision-making. In the midst of monumental changes and innovative learning strategies, raising the degree of teacher voice in our schools is needed now more than ever. While many improvement processes and strategies have come on the scene to support schools in leadership growth and student achievement, a vital component is to

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Achievement Unlocked!

An achievement system for students helps them exercise independence and goal-setting skills. Struggling with self-confidence yet wanting independence, middle school students need opportunities to feel valued and worthy. Middle school educators need to show students that they can do things independently, they can take control of their own learning, and they can feel the satisfaction of completing a task on their

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Teaching Students Responsibility

For as long as humans have lived on Earth, generations of adults have bemoaned the lack of due diligence in the upcoming generation: “They’re indifferent and don’t work hard,” they declare. “We have to teach them self-discipline and how to be responsible!” This is followed quickly with a list of punitive measures sure to instill

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