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Science Happens in MY Neighborhood

Engaging middle schoolers in local issues helps them apply knowledge and become informed citizens Environmental science knowledge intertwined with cultural practices have ripple effects that impact many aspects of society. For example, the increase in the use of fertilizer and practices of overfishing have resulted in red tides and dead zones within waterways, where nothing

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The Spotlight Challenge

A design thinking project to inspire the future generation of leaders Students today are faced with global issues that impact their lives such as bias, political divisiveness, injustice, and mass shootings. These students have the potential to become a generation of leaders that improve the world for everyone. Educators are in a position to provide

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Integrating Global Education in the Middle School Math Classroom

Inspire student interest and positive attitudes toward math Four hundred years ago Galileo Galilei observed that “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe.” The “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics,” in the words of famous physicist Eugene Wigner, has been and continues to be incredibly successful in describing the world around us, from

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