Tag: Inquiry-based Learning

Ideas to Help Students Develop Higher-Order Questions

As a middle grades teacher, there are certain questions from your students that you see coming: Why are we doing this? Is this for a grade? When is this due? Can we work with a partner? Is it lunch yet? And then there are the other questions. These questions poke their smiling faces around corners, surprise you,

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Moving into Action: Middle Level Learners as Change Agents

Robust learning happens when students have choice and voice in curriculum. “Students in the middle grades … have the ability to perceive deep truths and are making decisions that will affect the way they live the rest of their lives. This transitional time between childhood and adulthood is the prime time to introduce students to

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Examining the Evidence

Exploring vocabulary terms in social studies with primary sources. The C3 Framework by the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) has changed the dynamics of social studies instruction. The emphasis of standards in this document is for teachers to build students’ content-area literacy skills through inquiry-based activities (NCSS, 2013). For social studies, this means

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