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Calling for a “Timeout” on Rubrics and Grading Scales

We've been rubricizing everything students create these days: writing, reading comprehension, artwork, math problems, science labs, online practice, physical skills, collaboration, and even their degree of empathy for others. To quantify the messy business of learning and to provide tools for analysis and accountability, however, we've developed some unhelpful habits, limiting rubrics' positives while enhancing their negatives.

The Value of Homework

Homework or not? This is a dilemma teachers struggle with every year and a topic that is tackled in an article in the September issue of AMLE Magazine. I think we all agree that homework should not be assigned just to give students something to do. Homework should have a purpose and align with the goal of the



It’s Time to Stop Averaging Grades

You’ve always averaged grades. Your teachers averaged grades when you were in school and it worked fine. It works fine for your students. Does it? Just as we teach our students, we don’t want to fall for Argumentum ad populum: something is true or good just because a lot of people think it’s true or good. Let’s