Five Must-Have Components of Active Learning Environments

As educators, we are constantly battling the pressures to bolster test scores, give more time and resources, and stay up to speed with new technologies and teaching methods, all while providing a comprehensive learning experience where kids not only grow academically, but they grow socially, physically, and emotionally.

Of course, we entered the education field because we wanted to make a difference–in the lives of students, in re-shaping America’s education system, in building a better, brighter, and bolder world. But did we ever envision it would entail so many competing demands and hurdles?

With that in mind, Let’s Move! Active Schools (a part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative) is a strategy to help teachers and administrators break through the clutter, simplify the chaos, and get back to the core of education.

You might be thinking, “Wait, isn’t Let’s Move! Active Schools for physical activity and physical education?” And the answer is yes, but this solution is universally valuable to all educators.

Based on the premise that active kids do better, Let’s Move! Active Schools equips school leaders and teachers with the evidence-based resources and a customized action plan to transform school-based physical activity and physical education into higher test scores, greater focus, and elevated aptitude for creativity and teamwork. Or in our terms:

School-based Physical Activity + Quality Physical Education = Better Performing Students

Essentially, we are flipping the traditional model on its head. Learning is now BOTH fun and active. And, by infusing physical activity into the culture of your school, many academic pressures like the Common Core and standardized testing subside. Increased student achievement and engagement levels are a direct byproduct of an active learning environment.

Let’s Move! Active Schools is proud to team up with AMLE to celebrate March as Middle Level Education Month and jumpstart a “movement mindset” in your school. Together, we want to help you adopt an active learning environment.

Pam Powers is a Let’s Move! Active Schools Recruitment Manager (SHAPE America) and was awarded the NASPE SWD Teacher of the Year and Golden Apple Teacher of the Year.

Let’s Move! Active Schools is a proud partner of Middle Level Education Month.