Teaming in Middle School

Three team approaches that respond to students’ unique needs From the inception of the middle school movement, team approaches to instruction were considered the preferred way to organize a school housing grades 4-8, 5-8, or 6-8. Today, educators see teaching teams as a key to achieving the full potential of a dynamic middle school, one

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Turning Up Teaming

Teaming, at its best, is a collaborative act that rewards the faculty who engage with it socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Those fortunate enough to have a group of colleagues as a teaching team know it provides a support system that is a powerful way to manage stress in these days of “high-stakes,” well, nearly everything.

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The Basics of Developing Effective Teams

The life of a middle level teacher is one of continuous challenges. Teachers are charged with curriculum development, lesson planning, data analysis, problem solving, response-to-intervention, and other student concerns. A well-functioning interdisciplinary team provides needed support for teachers struggling to meet the demands of the middle level classroom. In his book As I See It, John

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