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Unified Classroom: Inclusive SEL Resources for Your Classroom and Your Club

Recently, educators have felt the pressure to close academic gaps. They’ve also felt a need to provide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) due to the extreme social disconnect students have experienced, especially those with an intellectual disability (ID). Even before mandated social distancing, the average loneliness for individuals with ID was 44.74% (source). So, the

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Inclusion and Problem-Based Learning: Roles of Students in a Mixed-Ability Group

The literature on the use of problem-based learning in K–12 settings has traditionally focused on gifted and average students. However, mainstreaming is placing increasing numbers of students with special needs in general education classrooms. This case study examined how members of a small group in a mainstreamed seventh grade science class interacted with and supported

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Should Middle School Students with Learning Problems Copy and Paste Notes from the Internet? Mixed-Methods Evidence of Study Barriers

In the experimental phase of this mixed-methods study, 49 middle school students receiving special education services took notes from the Internet under either a written notes or a copy-and-paste notes condition. Immediate, cued-recall measures of factual learning showed that students who wrote their notes were better able to recall what they had noted, although recall

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