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When a Student is Grieving

National organization offers ongoing support to educators The Coalition to Support Grieving Students is a unique collaboration of the leading professional organizations representing classroom educators (e.g., AFT and NEA), principals, administrators, student support personnel, and other school professionals who have come together with a common conviction: grieving students need the support and care of the

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Taking Care of Ourselves

Eight ways for teachers to balance work, life, and wellness Balancing work, life, and wellness are difficult for everyone in every profession; however, for educators, that balance can be even more challenging. As a teacher, you are often pulled in many directions and need to work extra hard to balance your work life and your

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Preventing Underage Drinking

Resources to increase awareness of and combat underage drinking. April is Alcohol Awareness Month—a time to focus on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of alcohol-related problems. Although underage drinking is on the decline, it still presents a significant challenge. At about age 9, children begin thinking that alcohol may not be just for adults. By

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Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Physical activity improves students’ cognitive performance. If a pill could improve your child’s self-esteem, memory, attention span, standardized test scores, and ability to problem solve, would you rush to the store and buy it? If it did not need a prescription, was free, had no long-term side effects, and likely would increase your child’s lifespan

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