AMLE Supports Substantial Investment in Next COVID-19 K-12 Relief Package

As part of a coalition of education associations, AMLE has signed on to a request for $200 billion in additional funding to stabilize education, with $2.13 billion allocated to professional learning

May 13, 2020

COLUMBUS, OH – The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) has joined a coalition of 62 national and regional organizations in support of substantial investments for education in the next COVID-19 relief package. A letter addressed to Congress addresses increased federal investment in education to ensure all students, including those in underserved communities, can continue to learn online or in classrooms. In particular, the letter calls for at least $200 billion in additional funds for the Education Stabilization Fund with $2.13 billion of that amount allocated to professional development emphasizing development of educator skills in online learning.

As the coronavirus pandemic has launched us into a new era of online learning, K-12 educators must receive quality professional learning to build new skills and strategies that support student success. While educators have made exceptional efforts to adjust their practice to educate students during school building closures, the current crisis has highlighted inequities in our education system. This investment would allow us to navigate through and emerge from this crisis in a way that supports a more equitable and excellent education for all students. Funding that supports sustained and ongoing professional learning will help educators with short-term and long-term tools and strategies that engage all students and enhance learning.

According to AMLE Board of Trustees Chair James Barnes, “The pandemic has certainly required a new way of schooling through the end of the current year, through the summer, and likely into the fall. Teachers need support in developing skills to continue in this new reality of online learning, which will likely be incorporated into our learning environments even after the pandemic subsides. This investment is urgently needed.”


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