Professional Development and Consulting

Since 1973, AMLE has been the trusted professional learning resource for administrators, teachers, district-level personnel, parents, students and policymakers. We have the middle school expertise to help you meet your goals … no matter the size of your group or your budget. You name the topic and the place, even virtually, and AMLE will bring you the best in professional learning! Contact AMLE today to see how we can help your middle school educators reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools!

Meet the Experts:

Rick Wormeli

Rick WormeliBio

Formats Available

  • Full day presentation on a single topic. Includes a morning and afternoon session with breaks. Can be continued over multiple days.
  • Full day presentation split into half-days on two different topics.
  • A series of four, 90-minute sessions filling the entire day.
  • A focused, shorter session (75-90 minutes) on a particular topic

Jack Berckemeyer Bio

Formats Available

  • 60 minute sessions
  • 90 minute sessions
  • Half-day sessions

Jen Cort – Bio

Formats Available

  • Modules of 60-90 minutes of content, discussion, and reflection
  • Full-day with breaks built-in
  • Blocks of time over a couple of days on the same topic (taking a day-long workshop and breaking it into smaller pieces)
  • Blocks of time over a couple of days on the different topics (taking a day-long workshop and breaking it into smaller pieces
  • Personalized coaching sessions
  • All workshops come with an ePub and resources

LeAnn Nickelsen – Bio

Formats Available

  • Webinars created around the amount of time that you need with consideration of how the brain learns best (90-120 minutes) (based on your needs)
  • Webinars customized for your district, school, teacher and student needs
  • Webinars delivered in engaging, brain-based manners to ensure buy-in and transfer of the strategies in the classroom
  • Webinars customized for your grade level needs (PreK-12)
  • Webinars designed based on your current learning platform (packets, virtual, or project-based)

Katie Powell – Bio

Formats Available

  • 60-90 minute workshop sessions
  • 30-45 minute mini-pd
  • half-day workshops

Cedrick Gray Bio

Formats Available

  • 60-75 minute sessions
  • 60-90 minute Virtual Coaching

Tara Maynard Bio

Formats Available

  • 1-2 hour sessions or workshops
  • Half-day workshops


Nathan Maynard – Bio
Brad Weinstein – Bio

Formats Available

  • Full day virtual interactive sessions
    • Can be segmented over multiple days
  • Half day virtual interactive sessions
  • One hour or two hour interactive mini-sessions
  • Personalized Virtual Coaching with Leadership Team

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