The Successful Middle School Program Member Center

AMLE members enjoy exclusive access and pricing to the many resources of the Successful Middle School program. This space is designed to help your make the most of these resources and map your own successful middle school journey. Still not sure where to start? We’re here to help! Email or find a time to connect with Katie Powell, AMLE Director for Middle Level Programs.

The Successful Middle School Assessment

The Successful Middle School Assessment

What: Using a survey instrument, the SMS Assessment measure implementation of and alignment along the characteristics of successful middle schools through a series of exemplars. The process is led by an AMLE coach and their resulting report includes analysis, recommendations, and actionable next steps.

Your benefit as an AMLE Member: Member schools save $300 on the cost of the SMS Staff Assessment and up to $1000 off additional SMS programming.

Who: The Assessment is typically purchased at the administrator level, either by the school principal/assistant principal or central office personnel in the case of district-wide implementation.

How to get started: Schedule a time to learn more and to book your assessment.

The Successful Middle School Book Study

The Successful Middle School Team Book Study

What: A team book study of The Successful Middle School provides a participatory and reflective deep dive into the foundational text. Build a cohesive vision for your school improvement journey and align professional development with the needs of your school community.

Your benefits as an AMLE Member:

Who: Any educator can conduct an SMS book study! Frequently, SMS studies may be initiated by school administrators or teacher leaders.

How to get started: Download the Members Study Guide or schedule a meeting with Katie Powell, Director for Middle Level Programs, to request a facilitated study.

Successful Middle School Online Courses

The Successful Middle School Online Course Series

What: The Successful Middle School Course Series explores each of the essential attributes and characteristics in a self-paced, virtual format with exercises and reflections throughout to help learners understand how to realize and embed these principals in their daily practice.

Your benefit as an AMLE member: The course series is free and exclusive for members. Earn up to 4.0 contact hours.

Who: Any educator can benefit from fostering their depth of knowledge of middle grades best practices through the course series. These might be particularly helpful for educators new to the middle grades setting.

How to get started: Access the course series landing page while logged in as a member.

AMLE Schools of Distinction

AMLE Schools of Distinction

What: A recognition and continuous improvement program open to any school, anywhere in the world, that educates students ages 10-15. Schools are supported with AMLE resources and celebrated for their commitment to middle grades best practice.

Your benefit as an AMLE Member: Member schools save $300 on the cost of the SMS Staff Assessment, the first step toward becoming an AMLE School of Distinction. Once the Assessment is complete, it is free for all schools to apply to be recognized.

Who: The Schools of Distinction process is typically initiated by the school principal.

How to get started: Schedule a time to learn more and to book your assessment.

Successful Middle School PD Templates

Successful Middle School Professional Development Templates

What: Our PD templates provide plug-and-play professional development for your team and can be tailored based on your school’s needs.

Your benefits as an AMLE member: Members receive free and exclusive access to template bank.

Who: Any educator can lead professional development activities using AMLE templates! Frequently, SMS studies may be initiated by school administrators or teacher leaders.

How to get started: Download the activity that best aligns with your team’s professional development needs:

Succesful Middle School Glossary

The Glossary Worksheet

  • How it works: Educators individually create definitions of common middle school model terms. As a group, members compare definitions and develop one, unified definition.
  • Best for: Creating cohesion and alignment around key middle grades practices.

Characteristics of Young Adolescents Worksheet

  • How it works: Educators individually read the characteristics of young adolescent development. As a group, they address each of the worksheet questions.
  • Best for: Exploring the developmental phase of young adolescence and implications for the classroom.
Triple A Reflection Worksheet

School Leadership Triple A Reflection Sheet

  • How it works: Educators reflect on areas of agreement across each characteristic within Leadership and Organization.
  • Best for: Creating shared understandings and alignment around school leadership approaches.

Young Adolescent Development Scenario Activity

  • How it works: Educators exercise developmental responsiveness by rolling a die to create a scenario and discussing how to support a student in that given scenario.
  • Best for: Exercising developmental responsiveness and implications for school practice.

Review and Reflect Activity

  • How it works: At the conclusion of an SMS study, educators organize school improvement work and identify action steps to get started.
  • Best for: Reflecting upon and organizing the conclusions drawn through the SMS study to translate study into school improvement action.
Shape Up Activity Worksheet

Book Study Shape Up Summary

  • How it works: After reading each section of SMS, educators individually or as a group complete this reflection exercise.
  • Best for: Ensuring understanding of the characteristics of successful middle grades schools while facilitating discussion.