The AMLE22 Middle School Esports Competition

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What is an Esports League?

We know our member schools enjoy friendly competition! The AMLE Esports League allows student teams to play popular games against other middle schoolers while developing real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking – all taking place on a safe, COPPA-compliant platform designed specifically to make gaming a fun and supported experience for kids.  All skill levels are encouraged to participate in the fun.

How it Works

The AMLE Esports League will run in two parts from September to December. The first round will begin in September and culminate with the winning teams being recognized at the AMLE22 Annual Conference.* The second round will pick up in November with tournament play through mid-December.

  • August: Schools can form a team or teams and participate in either or both rounds of fall play.  Teams will select which game title(s) they’d like to play. Note: There are no first-person shooter games included. The available titles are:
    • League of Legends – Matches occur on Tuesdays
    • Rocket League – Matches occur on Thursdays
  • Late-August: Teams are assigned a game schedule and compete against other AMLE middle school teams. Teams must either have an adult chaperone present on the platform during games, or purchase a Vanta coaching package at the AMLE discounted rate. While not required, coaching provides a safe adult who is also a gaming expert trained to leverage the experience to promote the social and emotional learning of the participating students.
  • September: Teams get access to AMLE’s digital gaming arena, powered by Vanta esports and are assigned a competition schedule. League of Legends matches will be held each Tuesday and Rocket League matches on Thursdays. The Match Start Time by time zone will be:
    • Central Time: 4:00 pm
    • Eastern Time: 4:00 pm
    • Mountain Time: 4:30 pm
    • Pacific Time: 3:30
    • Hawaii Standard Time: 3:15 pm
  • October: The first round ends with a League tournament, in which the top four teams will compete to determine the League Champion! The final match will be streamed at the AMLE22 Annual Conference and the winners virtually recognized at the General Session on Friday, November 4.
  • November – December: Round two of play commences, with the final match being played in mid-December. Teams that did not participate in round one can sign up in early November for round two.


  • The Round One League Champion team in each title will receive a $500 cash prize for their school
  • Each individual team member on the Championship team will receive a $25 Amazon gift card
  • The Championship team chaperone will receive complimentary registration to AMLE22 and three nights of lodging at the Gaylord Palms conference hotel

How to Get Involved

League registration will begin in August 2022. If you think your school may be interested in forming a team, please complete the form to receive emails with updates and important deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

I completed the interest form, now what?

You do not need to take any additional action at this time. VANTA team members will contact you to provide onboarding instructions and next steps.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the league.  The school must provide a chaperone for teams. Our league facilitator, VANTA, does provide optional coaching and chaperone services that are available at a discounted rate for AMLE members. The cost for coaching is $1,399/team for AMLE members and includes holistic development programming, an adult moderator, and an expert trained coach.

Who are my points of contact if I have more questions about esports and how the league operates?

Please contact Allison at team VANTA at

What ages can participate?

VANTA recommends ages 10-13.

How many students are on a team?

VANTA recommends teams be comprised of around 6 students.

How are VANTA coaches vetted?

VANTA coaches undergo comprehensive background checks and an extensive interview process.

What games will be available?

There will be two games, League of Legends and Rocket League. Matches for each game will be held on different days of the week so that teams can participate in both if desired. Note: These are NOT first person shooter games.

How often and when will matches occur?

Matches occur weekly over a series of 5 weeks. They will be scheduled at 4:00 in your local time zone:

  • League of Legends: 4:00 on Tuesdays beginning September 6
  • Rocket League: 4:00 on Thursdays beginning September 8

What are the technical requirements to participate?

The technology options are included below. If you have any questions about whether your devices comply, please contact VANTA technical support at

Single Device

  • PC preferred
  • Apple MAC with Bootcamp
  • Google Chromebook with paid GE force subscription

Multi-Device Option

  • Game Console (Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation) with any computer/laptop to access Vanta Platform.

Additional Technology needs: Headset, mouse, internet connectivity, power source. Optional: web camera

Minimum Tech Specs

  • Rocket League: 2GB ram, 8GB hard disk space: OS: Windows 7 or better
  • League of Legends:2GB ram, 8GB hard disk space: OS: Windows 7 or better

*The winning team will be virtually recognized during the General Session on Friday, November 4. Students are not required or expected to attend in person.