The AMLE Middle School Esports League

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What is an Esports League?

We know our member schools enjoy friendly competition! The AMLE Esports League allows student teams to play popular games against other middle schoolers while developing real-world skills like teamwork, communication, and critical thinking – all taking place on a safe, COPPA-compliant platform designed specifically to make gaming a fun and supported experience for kids.  All skill levels are encouraged to participate in the fun.

Get Involved!

AMLE’s Winter/Spring League will run from January 30 to April 29th in three segments:

  • First Two Weeks: Pre-season
  • 6-8 Weeks: Regular Season
  • Playoffs

Match Play Schedule

Teams can select from one of three titles. All matches will be played at 4:00 ET, 4:00 CT, 4:45 MT, 3:45 PT

Mondays: League of Legends
Wednesdays: Rocket League
Thursday: Knockout City

It is free to participate for AMLE members, so long as the school can provide an adult chaperone for their team. If you do not have a chaperone, VANTA can provide a trained, vetted coaches for a discounted fee. Learn more about VANTA Esports Coaches. Schools should also review the Technology Requirements for an overview and game-by-game guide to technology requirements for participation.


Teams will register directly with VANTA


We know Esports are still new to many middle schools. Explore our Esports League resources to learn more about the benefits and how to get started.

Benefits of Esports

How to Start an Esports Program at your School

A School’s Guide to Esports

Parents’ Guide and Sample Engagement Letter


AMLE can’t wait to celebrate our Winter/Spring Esports League Champions! The winners in each title will receive:

  • An awesome trophy and certificates for each team member!
  • A pizza party for their team
  • Complimentary registration to AMLE50 for their chaperone

We’ll see you online!